Tired of the grind? Done with chasing loot? We're a Neverwinter Nights experience dedicated to immersive world building and storytelling. Join the revolution in roleplay.

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You are a prisoner sentenced to spend the rest of their years in the penal colony of Eminence. So, your character thinks he or she is innocent? Guilty? No one really cares. After a taxing voyage across the Sea of Swords, you’ve arrived at your new home. The next chapter in your life’s story has begun. Eminence is a roleplay-only, persistent world. 


Brought to you by the team behind Daggerford and Haze, Eminence uses mechanics such as permadeath to ensure story-centric, authentic roleplay. The server’s unique “Eminence” system rewards strong roleplay with in-game and in-character development.

Survival Gameplay

Low Level

We’re low level. Your character starts at level 2.


A truly legendary, extraordinary character would be something like level 9. It’ll take on the order of years to get there. We’re not going to be a server with level 20 demi-god paladins casually strolling through the world.

Character death is permanent

Real Consequences

Death is a part of any story, any world, and Eminence is no different.


When your character falls in battle or commits a capital crime or runs afoul of conspirators or whatever the cause may be, your death becomes a part of the story. You’re free (and encouraged!) to roll another character.

Threats on the island must be dealt with... or else.

Live biosphere

The Biosphere is designed to be a progressive, adaptive and reactionary spawning system for monsters and Animals. All in an automated manner.

Should a population in one area be allowed to grow rampant, it shall grow stronger and bolder - Soon encroaching into the territories of other populations. An abundance of chicken for example, will affect the local Fox population, increasing it, as a source of food is provided. Vice versa, if the food source become scarce, the population which relies on it might disappear from the area.

The future of the Biosphere will go even further, and allow populations to remember the PC Billy Bobson slaughtered their kin, and act upon it.

Eminence is accumulated by demonstrating exceptional roleplay and are awarded by Dungeon Masters and fellow players. It can also be obtained by helping the Eminence community. Points can be used to generate items for roleplay hooks, spawn placeables, summon monsters, give XP to other players, provide additional perks for in-game permissions, and unlock character customization options.

Eminence Points


From weapon smithing, to making leather and cloth dyes, crafting is a big part of Eminence, we have 7 diffrent trades currently with several tiers of items. Looking to make weapons to sell on the island? Sure! Being a master chef and flogging your muffins at the Erstwhile market? You got it. 

Roleplay Job System

Your a fresh convict.. your new to the island.. you need coin right?

Everyone comes off the boat with a job, a terrible job, basic labouring, but thats just the start. Want to work the tavern? ok. How about an attendant at the spa house? You choose. 


Forging swords? making traps? cooking pies?

We got you.

Adventuring out of town isnt the only way to 

make coin. 

Think of Eminence Points (EP) as experience for you, the player, whereas Experience Points (XP) are for your character.


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